The Voice Of Confidence.

Ken Marsiglia is a professional voice over artist native to Louisiana and speaking English as his primary language. Noted for his warm, personable & charismatic personas. A versatile performer with a variety of styles.

“Ken’s voice acting prowess is like a double shot of espresso: strong, powerful, and it gets the job done! I originally hired Ken for a “tough guy” role on a project; but his versatility, dynamic skill, and professionalism made him the clear first choice for several other voices as well. Ken continues to astound me with his ability to breathe life, in exactly the right voice and tone, for literally any bit of text. I was especially impressed by his “demon” voice that transcends verbal explanation but is an absolute must-have for any horror project. Ken comes with my most sincere of recommendations for your every voice acting need! ”

Persephone Jessica Rose

Ken’s voice has been featured in Games, Promos, Events, Commercials, Trailers, Radio Dramas, and animation. In 2019 he was nominated twice for the AudioVerse Awards for two of his roles in the Radio Drama series “Emperor Pigs”.

” Very Talented with an amazing vocal range and super professional quality. Offers processing or raw for no extra cost. Do not be afraid to ask him for any range because he can do it all. Great for trailer work and amazing prices. Hopefully i can get another project that needs his services as he brought a lot of life that was missing from the project. Highly recommended “

Rhys Anderson

Ken Records from his home studio which is equipped with a professionally treated vocal booth a Sennheiser MK4 microphone and Audient ID4 interface, so your audio is created and delivered with the highest quality.

” I’ve worked with Ken for two projects now and he’s amazing! Organised, cooperative, hard-working and has an incredible voice range! Awesome talent and a genuine pleasure to work with “

Christian Ribarich

Whether your project is big or small, Ken will provide you with a voice-over that speaks directly to your prospects – adding presence and life to your project, brand, and message.

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