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Hi I'm Ken Marsiglia, a full-time voiceover artist and voice actor with 7 years of experience. Over this period, I have successfully delivered more than 4000 professional voiceovers encompassing a diverse range of projects, including movie and game trailers, commercial TV spots, radio promos, characters for games and animations, announcements for amusement park rides and escape rooms, live event hosting, eLearning modules, IVR systems, and radio imaging, among other genres.

My clientele includes esteemed companies such as Panasonic, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Mattel [Hot Wheels], FunPlus Games, Monochrome Games, DoubleUGames and Casinos, Red Barrels Games, Real Good Chicken, and numerous others. Additionally, I possess proficiency in audio production and sound design, particularly in the realms of radio imaging, DJ drops, and radio commercials.

Noteworthy is my natural baritone Alabama Southern Accent, complemented by expertise in various Southern US accents. While I am adept at incorporating these regional nuances, it is essential to highlight that the majority of my work, approximately 90%, has been executed without a discernible accent. Furthermore, my vocal range extends to bass tones, enabling me to cater to diverse age groups ranging from 25 to 80 years old.

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My Clients

Mattel - Hot Wheels
FunPlus Games - State of Survival
DoubleU Games
Monochrome Games
Red Barrels Games
Optimus Roofing and Construction
YellowHammer Roofing
Cardinal RV
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Club Future
Madison Guitar
Wicked Wheel
Blue Chew
Arm Rippin Toys
Eolo Toys
Axon Games
Velvet Taco
Last Level Games
Serious Sim Games
Dr. Squatch
Country Fair
Sutton RV
Real Good Chicken
OUTtv - X-Rated NYC

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Shane J. Cormier

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LA 1-888-800-8070 Ext 1